Aarogya: The Healthcare Conclave

Health & Wellness as part of CSR

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." - Mahatma Gandhi

Aarogya: The Healthcare Conclave

Health and Wellness today is a burning issue. There is an inherent need for a platform to address this issue and its way forward. The 'Aarogya' conclave attempts to fulfil this requirement by stimulating thought-provoking discussions and innovative ideas to carve the way for the future of Health and Wellness. Rural India houses over 68% of India’s total population and 50% of them live below the poverty line, struggling for access to even the basic health care and services. Also, due to the internet, there is an increasing awareness about health conditions and wellness in people. All this is leading to more and more demand for efficient and prompt health care services.

There is a change in the health industry due to the rapid rise of digitization of healthcare data and processes with different digital platforms like social media, mobility, analytics, cloud, GIS, AI. These could be leveraged to deliver the best health care services at the same time minimizing infrastructure and operational costs. Health monitoring mobile apps and wearable devices that empower patients to play a more active role in their health. These platforms are significantly enabling the process of monitoring progress, sharing insight, driving participation, and tracking wellness measures.

AaRogya is all about addressing what individuals need to shape their lifestyles and reach their full potential as well as mining for valuable insights on the present and future of the health and wellness in the country.


Mr. Gagan Sehgal

COO, Apollo Hospitals

Ms. Kanika Pal

Co-founder, SoCHE Foundation, Sony Picture Networks

Mr. Partha Dey

Healthcare Leader and SME, IBM

Mr. Prakash Tewari

Executive Director - CSR, DLF

Ms. Sukhleen Aneja

Marketing Director, RB Hygiene Home, India

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