Sankalp : The CSR Conclave

Women Empowerment in the next decade

"The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description" - Steve Maraboli

Sankalp: The CSR Conclave

Women in India are considered as vulnerable section of the society. The traditional Indian society was patriarchal in character, so women’s dependency on men is the major obstacle in women empowerment.

In India the concept and process of empowering of women has started late as compared to western countries. Though the revolution for women empowerment started much prior to pre-independence era, women are still fighting for their equal rights even after centuries of struggle. Governments over the years have passed several laws and made amendments to constitution to foster women empowerment, but it feels like we are still light years away from it.

Reflecting on the ineffectiveness of the efforts made by the governments over the years, what is that anew the future governments, NGO’s and all the entities that fight for women empowerment should do to attain women empowerment?


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